Maths Games Bundle: Whole Class, Printables, and Board Games.

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This Maths Game Bundle contains 20+ maths games to enhance your students’ learning of math. Great for primary and intermediate students and perfect for maths centres or to have as whole class maths games. 62 pages in total!

Maths games are a great way to engage all students and allow your students to practice their maths in a fun way. Some of the games in this unit are best played in pairs while others can be played as a whole class. Dice and counters may be required for some games.


Note: Some of these can also be played in pairs or small groups.

Lucky Ducky: A fun whole class game exploring luck, probability, and mental adding. Can also be played in pairs.

100 or Bust: A dice rolling game where students must get as close to the number 100 as possible. Can be played as a whole class activity, or in smaller groups. Covers place value, probability, and addition.

Multiplication Tag: Like tag, but students can only move if they get the answer right.

Number Splat: Students must splat the right number (also known as number swat).

Circle Zoom: A whole class circle activity, as you go around the circle students have to say the right number.

Maths Relay: Maths, but it’s a race!

Multiplication Bingo: Always a popular warmup activity to start off your maths lesson. Students choose numbers and fill in their grids and then mark them off as you call out basic fact questions using the provided tables.

Beat the Teacher: A whole class game exploring probability and place value up to hundreds of thousands.

Probability Game: This dice game can either be played in pairs or as a whole class. It lets the students see probability in action.


Target: A 2 player dice game. Students choose a target number to get to and roll two dice. Using any maths operation, they try to be the first to reach the target number.

Four in a Row: A popular two-player game which allows students to practice their basic multiplication facts. Students must connect 4 numbers in a row – a bit like connect four.

Bowl a Fact:  Another two-player multiplication game where students must knock down the numbers (pins) in order to win.

Maths Darts Printable: There are two versions of this dice game, high score and around the world where students must hit all the numbers using maths operations.

Skunk: A two player printable dice game involving chance and addition, keep rolling and add to your score, but if you get a 1 you’re out! A bit like lucky ducky.

Land Grab & Moon Grab: A printable 2-3 player area-based game.

Gem Hunt: A printable board game, first player to get all the gems wins. Question cards focusing on multiplication and decimal addition plus treasure cards included.

Kiwi Bird Hunt: Like gem hunt, but with a kiwi twist. First person to spot all the birds wins.

Kiwi Race: Comparing whole numbers. A print and go board game focusing on place value.

Kiwi Race: Comparing decimals. Printable board game focusing on decimal place value.

Long Snake: Match up the questions with the answers to try and make the longest snake.

Guess Who Number Version: Just like guess who but students are trying to guess each other’s numbers using maths questions, such as “is it an odd number?”

Time Machines: This game is a bit like snakes and ladders but instead uses time machines and black holes to race through time. When students land on one of these squares they must answer a basic fact question to find out how far they move.

Race to the Moon: This is a printable board game which can be played with 2-5 students. Students roll a die to move around the board answering maths questions as they go. A blank template is also provided if you want to create your own questions – or perhaps you could get your students to make their own game.