Zoo Madness CSI Maths Challenge

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Use maths to discover which animal keeps escaping! In this activity, Pete the zookeeper is getting stressed out because one of the animals keeps escaping during the night and wreaking havoc on the zoo. In this activity (approximately 20-30 minutes), your students will use their maths knowledge to help Pete discover what animal is escaping. The activities cover basic facts, area calculations, decimal addition, and fractions.

This activity comes with both a print and a Google Classroom version.

Four maths clues are included, which your students will need to solve in order to uncover which animal is escaping. The clues are:

  • Hidden Message: Students use their basic facts, mainly multiplication, in order to uncover a hidden message.
  • Decimal addition – Students add decimals to figure out animal reach.
  • Area Calculations: Students calculate the area of each animals’ enclosure.
  • Fractions – Students work out which animals ate the least.

This activity works great for earlier finishers – or use this as a fun (yet educational) activity when you have a spare 20 minutes to fill.

  • Year Level: Year 4 – Year 7
  • Maths Topics: Basic facts, area calculations, decimal addition, fractions