I Have Who Has Place Value (Hundreds of Thousands) Maths Game

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This is a fun whole-class game that allows your students to practice their place values in the hundreds of thousands. Simply print these cards out and laminate them so they can be used multiple times (optional).

In this I Have Who Has Place Value (Hundreds of Thousands) you receive:

  • 32 cards to give out to your students
  • A template is also included if you want to create extra cards to expand on the activity
  • A version using only numbers in the 100000s, and one with a mix of numbers in the 1000s-100000s
  • Versions both with and without the word “and”

Directions to play I Have-Who Has?

  • Jumble up the cards and give to your students – make sure all the cards are given out (some students might get two cards).
  • Select a student to start – they read aloud the “I have, who has” on their card – all other students are listening and the student with the next number then reads aloud their “I have, who has”. Carry on until you are back to the first card.

I use this game as a maths warm-up. Students love a bit of competition also – so I record the class time – and then challenge them to improve upon the class time when we next play the game.

  • Year Level: Year 4 – Year 8
  • Maths Topics: Place value, reading multi-digit numbers (100 000s)