Mini Maths Project: Design a NZ Native Bird Eco-Sanctuary

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This is a mini maths project where your students will be in the role of an eco-expert and get to design their own bird sanctuary to help protect native New Zealand birds. It can be tailored to suit your class and can be completed in a single class period, or expanded upon to be a mini project which could last several days. Concepts include biology, area, budgeting, and ratios

The idea with this activity is that your students have been sent an official letter asking them to design an eco-sanctuary to help protect NZ native birds. This letter is included and is editable. You may want to put it in an envelope so it looks official and deliver it to the students, or you could project it on the whiteboard. This helps to hook the students into the task and puts them in the role of the expert.

What’s Included:

  • This activity includes both a research phase and a design element.
  • There are also extra writing activities, such as writing a Newspaper article, and extra maths questions.

Year Level: Year 4 – Year 8

Maths Topics: Science, Biology, Area, Budgeting, Ratios