Maths Escape Room Years 6-7: The Lost Island of Atlantis – A Maths Mystery Adventure

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Are you looking for a maths activity that your students will enjoy? This maths escape mystery adventure is for you!

This Lost Island of Atlantis Maths Mystery Adventure activity includes a print-and-go version, easy to set up and perfect for a fun math adventure. There is also an expanded version, with the same questions, but each clue/task has been expanded over several pages so they can be cut out and put in envelopes to create even more engagement.

The Story:

This activity takes your students on an adventure where they must find and break into the ancient lost island of Atlantis. You have found an ancient map that will lead you to the lost city of Atlantis! It is foretold that somewhere within Atlantis is a powerful object called Poseidon’s trident, and whoever holds the trident will gain the power of the old Atlantis and have the power to rule all of the ocean! You seek this magical trident, but first you need to decode the map and find the entrance to the lost city.

This story is also explained in a unique video.

Maths Tasks:

  • Map to Atlantis: Adding and subtracting decimals.
  • Underwater Gate: Reading and matching numbers in the millions.
  • Atlantis City: Two digit by one digit multiplication and basic facts.
  • The Temple Floor: Four-digit addition, Order of Operations (BEDMAS), fractions.
  • Poseidon’s Trident: Word Problems.

The story continues throughout the maths adventure as the students complete the tasks.

There are also early finisher or extra activities listed below:

  • Writing Activity: The search for Atlantis.
  • Number Puzzle: Poseidon’s trident.
  • Map Activity: Design your own island.

Year Level: Year 6 – Year 8
Maths Topics: Adding decimals, place value (millions), 2 digit by 1 multiplication, BEDMAS, fractions, word problems