CSI Maths Summer Activity – The Case of the Missing Ice Cream!

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Summer is here and you are having the best time at summer camp! The camp has an ice cream van which provides free ice cream to all the campers! You’re getting hot so decide to go down to the van, however, when you arrive you find all the ice cream gone, someone has taken it! 

Throughout this CSI Maths Summer Activity, your students will need to solve a series of maths problems until they have found out which suspect took all the ice cream! 

Four of the clues (worksheets) will allow your students to eliminate one or two suspects until they have found out who took all the ice cream. The fifth clue is optional and will allow your students to figure out the location of where the ice cream was taken to.

This resource includes:

  • Math Puzzle 1. Hidden message. (Basic facts). 
  • Math Puzzle 2. Go-cart tracks. (Calculating volume).
  • Math Puzzle 3. Lookout bribe. (Decimals and basic measurement conversions).
  • Math Puzzle 4. Note on Tent. (Graphing activity – two quadrants).
  • Math Puzzle 5. Camp map. (Cardinal directions and basic facts. Optional)

This pack also includes a range of summer extension activities for early finishers or additional activities:

  • Summer Writing Activity
  • Summer Acrostic Poem
  • Design an Ice Cream
  • Summer Number Puzzle
  • Answer sheets provided

Maths Topics: Basic facts, volume, decimals & conversions, graphing (2 quadrants).

Year Level: Year 5 – Year 8

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