Rugby World Cup 2023 – Rugby Games and Activities

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Rugby World Cup 2023 – Rugby Games and Activities.

This bundle of activities has got a range of maths activities for your students to complete. Some of the activities are best for the 2023 Rugby World Cup, while some of the games can be used at any time with rugby-enthused students.

Included in this bundle:

Printable maths games: 3 Printable maths games where students can practice their basic facts and place value, including with decimals. There is also a “create your own” version for students to have a go at making their own rugby maths game.

All Blacks Team Stats: Includes a table containing facts about the current All Blacks such as age, height and weight. Students must use the table to find means and medians and create graphs.

Rugby Investigation: A good activity for younger students. They must survey their classmates, tally results and make a graph.

World Cup Games and Create a Team. Students get to make predictions and then analyse game results as the world cup progresses. Students also get to choose 5 All Blacks to be in their team and gain points based on how well their players do in the competition.

Year Level: Year 3 – Year 9

Maths Topics: A mixture!

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