Reading Skills Task Cards and Teaching Tools | Word Recognition and Vocabulary

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This Reading Skills Task Cards and Teaching Tools resource contains task cards to assist students with practicing key skills required in reading. A Year 3-4 (Grade 3) set and a Year 5-6 (Grade 4) set are provided so you can use these with a wide range of reading levels.
Each set of task cards gives the opportunity for targeted teaching and/or guided and independent practice in a range of reading skills. The reading skills in this resource include:
  • 40 Word Recognition task cards (decoding strategies including recognising syllables within words or by applying their knowledge of regular and irregular spelling patterns, ).
  • 40 Vocabulary and Context Clues task cards (using and understanding the meanings of words and how they can be substituted for other choices that mean the same or nearly the same).
  • 40 Sentence Comprehension task cards (understanding and making meaning of texts at a sentence level).
  • 16 Cloze Reading Activities task cards (understanding and making meaning of texts at a whole paragraph level).
The task cards for Word Recognition, Sentence Comprehension, and Vocabulary and Context Clues are presented in a multiple-choice format, to give students familiarity of how to attack a task or assessment of this nature.
Teaching Notes and Student Posters are provided for each set of task cards to assist with the delivery of this resource.
The Cloze Reading Activities task cards are presented in a ‘fill in the gap’ type activity, which requires students to read the whole text to gain meaning, then go back to fill in the appropriate gaps.
Full answer keys are provided for all tasks.
Suggested Use:
  • Print and laminate task cards. Students complete a set number of task cards, either circling the correct answers with a whiteboard pen or recording their answers in their reading activities book.
  • Add individual pages or task cards to SeeSaw, Google Classroom or Microsoft One Drive to be completed digitally.
  • Use as extra practice, fast finisher, or ‘bell-ringer’ type activities.
  • Model a task card each day at the beginning or conclusion of a literacy lesson.