Number of the Day: Whole numbers and decimals

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Number of the Day: Whole numbers and decimals

Dive into the world of numbers with our engaging “Number of the Day” activity! This activity allows students to explore and understand both whole numbers and decimals.

Seven Blank Templates: Seven blank templates are included, providing a versatile way for teachers and students to input their own numbers. 

Pre-filled Sheets: Each template comes with 10 pre-filled sheets, each with a specific “Number of the Day”. There are 70 number of the day sheets with numbers ready to go.

Whole Numbers and Decimals: Five of the templates focus on whole numbers, ranging from double-digit numbers to numbers in the tens of thousands. Two of the template sheets focus on decimals. 

Skills Development: Participants will engage in a range of exercises, including rounding numbers, understanding place value, plotting numbers on a number line, writing numbers in expanded form, and learning multiplication by ten. 

Year Level: Years 2 – Years 8

Maths Topics: Numbers, whole numbers, decimals, place value.

85 pages + editable options (using PowerPoint)