Halloween Maths Escape Room: A Halloween Maths Mystery!

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Halloween Maths Escape Room: VulderFrank Haunted House. A Halloween Maths Mystery! A spooky way to engage your students with math this Halloween, a maths escape room they will love!

This activity includes a print-and-go version, which is easy to set up and perfect for a fun math adventure. There is also an expanded version, with the same questions, but each clue/task has been expanded over several pages so they can be cut out and put in envelopes to create even more engagement.

The Story:

This activity takes your students on an adventure where they are trapped in the Vulderfrank family mansion and need to find hidden keys to escape. “WAIT!” you yell, “I just want to go home!” The boy smiles at you, “Here’s a hint – I’ll hide the first key in the attic somewhere”. He then rushes off in a green blur – much too fast for you to follow.

Find the correct keys, draw the symbol of each correct key in the door locks. This will unlock the door and allow you to go home. 

Math Tasks:

  • Maths Maze: A multiplication and basic facts maze around the Vulderfrank mansion
  • The Attic: Spiders galore; Decimal addition and subtraction
  • The Trophy Room: Rounding and place value
  • The Library: Decoding a hidden message by adding fractions with like denominators
  • Vulderfrank Family Gallery: Triple digit addition
  • Courtyard Chaos: Exponents

Tasks can be removed to make the activity shorter if needed.

A video is included to set the scene. The story continues throughout the Maths adventure as the students complete the tasks.

There is also an early finisher or extra activity.

  • Writing Activity: The secret path.

Maths Topics: Multiplication, basic facts, rounding and place value, adding fractions with like denominators, triple digital addition, exponents

Year Level: Year 5 – Year 9

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