Back To School Math Escape Room – Plant Monsters Year 7-8

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Help the Teachers Escape using Maths!

The Story: You love school and can’t wait to get back. However, when you arrive at the school gates something is wrong. The principal rushes up to you and explains that plant monsters have taken over the school. He needs your help to save the teachers and stop the plants!

An introduction video hook is included.

The Back to School Maths Escape Clues:

  • Unlock the gate: Find the emoji code to unlock the school gate. Involves rounding decimals (Tenths, hundredths). 
  • Hidden message: The science teacher has left a note: Converting fractions and percentages to decimals and adding subtracting decimals.
  • Sneak through the school: Find the route through school without the plants spotting you. Three-digit multiplication and division and order of operations.
  • Save the teachers: Outsmart the evil looking flower and save the teachers. Word problems.
  • Break into the Science Classroom: Find the code to unlock the door by working out mean, mode and medians. 
  • Bribe the lettuces: Bribe the lettuces to give you the anti-smart plant spray and save the day. Adding fractions with unlike denominators. 

Most clues/tasks can be taken out if you want to make the activity shorter. 

Also included is a writing activity – great for early finishers or as an extra activity.

Maths Level: Year 7-8

Maths Topics: Rounding decimals, converting decimals, 3 digit multiplication & division, BEDMAS, mean, mode, median, adding unlike denominators.

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