Vocabulary Task Card Mega Bundle – Morphology, Semantics, Figurative Language

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Support vocabulary development and extend students’ reading comprehension and writing skills by explicitly teaching vocabulary: prefixes, suffixes, Greek and Latin root words, synonyms, antonyms, context clues, shades of meaning, homophones, homographs and homonyms, dictionary skills, thesaurus skills, and figurative language.
This Vocabulary Task Card Mega Bundle is a practical addition to your structured literacy programme.
Activities link directly to the Common Core (Grade 3-6) and the New Zealand Literacy Progressions, This resource pack is suitable for both US and British spellings.
This Vocabulary Task Card Mega Bundle includes the following sixteen resources:
Why Teach Vocabulary?
  • Vocabulary development is crucial for reading comprehension. If a student does not know the meaning of a word, their comprehension of the text will be impaired.
  • When students are able to decode words and comprehend their meanings, they are able to read with greater understanding and fluency.
  • Research has shown that explicit vocabulary instruction is effective in improving students’ reading comprehension and overall language skills.

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