The Treaty Of Waitangi Reading Comprehension Scavenger Hunt Puzzle Year 5 and 6

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Engage your students in Treaty Commemorations and learn about New Zealand’s founding document with our interactive Waitangi Day Reading Comprehension scavenger hunt and puzzle pack. Your students will learn about the history of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, the history and traditions of Waitangi Day, the Maori chief Hōne Heke, the impact of the treaty, and how Waitangi Day is observed now.

Display the 12 fact cards around the room, and hand out the puzzle pieces. Students use the facts to complete their interactive puzzles. Display the amazing completed puzzles and wow your school! This activity works for individuals, pairs, or teams.

Useful as part of your portfolio of evidence to meet the Education Council’s Registered Teacher Criteria.

In this Waitangi Day Reading Comprehension pack you will receive:

1. 12 Treaty of Waitangi Fact Cards at a Year 5 and 6 reading level.

2. 12 puzzle pieces featuring a range of reading comprehension activities.
(Large and small puzzle pieces are included.)

3. Teacher Answer Key for applicable questions.

4. Two ‘Tips For Use’ pages with ways to use this resource in your classroom.

Aotearoa New Zealand Curriculum Links:
Tino rangatiratanga me te kāwanatanga | Government and organisation
  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi | The Treaty of Waitangi was signed in different places. The two versions of the Treaty say different things about who would have authority. Māori understandings were based on the version in te reo Māori, which the vast majority of Māori signed.


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