The Ancient Olympics Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions | Year 4, 5 and 6

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The Ancient Olympics Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions

You can grab these reading comprehension activities and relax because we’ve done the hard work for you! This resource features six engaging ancient Olympics non-fiction texts and a wealth of reading comprehension strategies. Higher-order thinking questions challenge students to read deep and think critically about the passages. These activities meet many of the requirements for the New Zealand Literacy Reading Progressions: End of Year 4 and End of Year Six and would be suitable for gold level and above (or lower levels as a shared reading activity).
What this resource is all about:
The purpose of this resource is to provide ready-to-go non-fiction passages and engaging higher-order thinking questions.
This resource is full of exciting, thought-provoking activities to grab your students’ attention AND hold it. The activities begin at the lower levels of Blooms Taxonomy (Remember and Understand) and move through to the higher levels (Analyze, Evaluate, Create). The questions help students to deeply read the text, while text-dependent questions help to generate discussion and could be used by small groups as well as by individual students.
***This resource is provided in British A4 paper size and spelling.***
In The Ancient Olympics Reading Comprehension pack you will receive:
1. Six engaging texts about the ancient Olympics:
  • What were the Ancient Olympic Games?
  • Ancient Olympic Sports
  • Ancient Olympic Athletes
  • Ancient Olympics vs Modern Olympics
  • The History of the Modern Olympics
  • Modern Olympic Games Traditions
2. A range of engaging activities. Each passage features unique activities and a range of higher-order thinking skills.
  • Remember
  • Understand
  • Apply
  • Analyse
  • Evaluate
  • Create
Reading Comprehension Strategies included:
  • Use Prior Knowledge
  • Find Specific Information
  • Make Inferences
  • Identify the main idea
  • Organise Information
  • Vocabulary
  • Summarise
  • Synthesise
  • Make Connections
3. Three Activity Templates
  • Clipboard
  • Venn Diagram
  • Blank Billboard
4. Non-Fiction Text Structures and Non-Fiction Text Features posters
5. Teacher Answer Keys for applicable questions
6. Two ‘Tips For Use’ pages with ways to use this resource in your classroom.


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