Sports Championship School Journals Activity Pack

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Engage your sports-mad students in their reading with this great Sports Championship School Journals activity pack. The purpose of this resource is to explore a range of sport-themed New Zealand School Journal articles and stories (4 x Level 2 texts, 4 x Level 3 texts, 4 x Level 3 texts).
This Sports Championship School Journal Set includes:
1. Eleven x Lesson plans
A lesson plan is provided for each story or article covered in this resource
2. Eleven x Follow Up Activity Sheets
A one-page activity sheet is provided for each article covered in this resource.
Each activity sheet contains a range of reading comprehension strategies including:
  • Use prior knowledge
  • Find information
  • Use vocabulary
  • Make connections
  • Share opinions (evaluate)
Two activity sheet options are included for each text- one with ten questions and one with five questions.
Each activity sheet contains links to further activities, ideas, and gamification (see more below). These links help students explore the topic of the article further and can give context to the words they read. QR codes and web links are provided so students can visit websites, and watch video clips.
A creative activity is also included.
These activities challenge students to use higher-order thinking to synthesise their knowledge and create something new.
Gamification Options:
To encourage your students to do their best (like all good sports stars), each activity sheet has a medal that can be coloured in. Once students have completed the activity sheet, let them know if they have earned a bronze, silver, or gold medal!
We have also provided a trophy certificate. This can be used as an end-of-unit celebration for hard-working students. You could award this to all students, or set a challenge e.g. if you ‘win’ four gold medals, you get the trophy. This gamification of the resource is a great way to engage your students!
There are multiple options for how you can use these:
  • Students choose four of the comprehension questions to complete.
  • Select some “must-do” questions if you want students to practice particular strategies.
  • We’ve also provided a version of each activity sheet with fewer comprehension questions.
The texts included in this Sports Championship School Journal set are:
  • School Journal Level 2 May 2015 – Just One Wheel (article)
  • School Journal Level 2 August 2017 – Score! (article)
  • School Journal Level 2 August 2017 – Up the Guts (story)
  • School Journal Level 2 August 2018 – Football – the Beautiful Game (article)
  • School Journal Level 3 August 2019 – Checkmate (story)
  • School Journal Level 3 September 2014 – The Game (poem)
  • School Journal Level 3 September 2014 – Three Legends (article)
  • School Journal Level 3 May 2015 – Boy on a Bike (article)
  • School Journal Level 4 November 2014 – Match Report (story)
  • School Journal Level 4 May 2017 – How to Fall (story)
  • School Journal Level 4 May 2019 – Four of a Kind (story)

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