Spelling Activities For Any List of Words Volume Two

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These spelling activity task cards and Print and Go student worksheets are designed to save you time while providing students with a range of fun and interactive ways to practice their spelling words. The best thing about these activity cards is they work with ANY spelling list, so they are perfect for differentiated learning. Use these spelling activities as a literacy station activity or for morning bell work, homework, as an early finisher resource or as part of a reliever pack.

Students can either complete these activities in their own work-books, or on the Print and Go activity worksheets provided in this resource pack. These activities can be reused throughout the year. As the year progresses, students will grow to be independent users of this resource.

This Spelling Activity Pack includes:

  • 20 Spelling Activity Task Cards
  • Print and Go Spelling Activity Worksheets
  • Must Do, Choose Two Display Headings
  • A Tips For Use instruction sheet

Students love choice! By using the “Must Do, Choose Two” system, students are reinforcing their spelling knowledge, while also gaining some choice and independence as to which activities they complete.

How the MUST DO, CHOOSE TWO system works:

  • Cut out the Spelling Activity Display Cards and the Must Do and Choose Two headings.
  • Choose a spelling activity that will be the Must Do activity, and display this under the Must Do heading. This is a compulsory activity for the day or week.
  • The students then get to choose 2 out of the remaining 18 activities to also complete.
    • For example, Jimmy completes the Must Do activity of Silly Sentences, and then chooses to also complete Acrostic Poems and Vowel Hunt.

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