Sight Words Snakes and Ladders Magenta to Orange Levels

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This Sight Words Snakes and Ladders pack includes six Sight Word Snakes and Ladders Game Boards – one for each of the New Zealand NZ Sight Word Levels: Magenta, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Orange. Help your students build their sight word fluency while also engaging them in this fun game.

UPDATED 2020: Added a set that goes from left to right to follow the concepts of print from left to right.

Sight word recognition improves reading fluency, allowing the student to focus their efforts on the more mentally demanding task of reading comprehension.

Your students can play this game for homework, during guided reading lessons, as a literacy circle activity or as an early finisher activity.

These come in both colour and black and white game boards.

In this Sight Words Snakes and Ladders resource, you will receive:

1. Six Sight Word Snakes and Ladders Boards

  • Magenta
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange

2. An information sheet with links to the New Zealand Curriculum.

Laminate board game boards for durability

The Sight Words included in this bundle are: a, at, look, to, in, am, I, is, and, we, here, said, up, it, like, go, can, went, the, my, going, awake, little, looked, away, big, where, safe, hungry, thank you, asleep, goes, down, wake, four, sleep, shouted, come, looking, are, you, not, comes, can, see, this, way, stay, with, back, all, good, coming, they, will, he, help, saw, came, liked, play, again, day, some, she, ran, put, got, have, on, out, made, his, after, I’m, let, can’t, bad, by, outside, find, then, make, get, slow, have, let’s, did, gone, who, new, one, because, but, fast, open, do, opened, me, now, please, very, already, asked, began, behind, didn’t, doing, heavy, laugh, laughed, long, most, middle, other, quickly, right, show, someone, these, try, until, wait, watch, won’t, would, across, along, always, around, better, called, catch, could, cried, don’t, every, from, long, must, next, other, round, school, slowly, something, still, their, there, under, want, wanted, were, what.


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