Relief Teacher Activities | Relief Teacher Survival Kit

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Be prepared for any classroom with our relief teacher activities pack. This pack features reading, writing, math, spelling, creative thinking, and early finisher activities, as well as certificates to reward fantastic behaviour.
This substitute teacher/relief teacher kit features British spelling and printing sizes.
This Relief Teacher Activities pack includes:
Reading Response Worksheets for Fiction and Non-Fiction Texts Distance Learning
These Reading Response Worksheets feature a unique and engaging “Must Do, Choose Two” system to ensure students cover important fiction and non-fiction reading skills while also developing independence. Each worksheet includes eight reading response activities. Digital option included. These are suitable for a range of ages and learning levels. 
  • These activities work with any fiction or non-fiction text, so they are very practical for a relief teacher heading into a range of classrooms.
Writing Prompts Task Cards and PowerPoint
This daily writing prompts resource includes 88 Daily Writing Prompts in two formats: a PowerPoint presentation and task cards.
Each set provides a range of narrative, explanation, persuasive/argument, and photo writing prompts. Having these task cards printed (and laminated) would be very useful to have in your substitute teacher kit.
Math Activities and Games
This set features knowledge-based activities, rich math tasks, and math games for a range of ability levels. The open-ended rich math tasks are a great way to engage students and keep them focused and on task. Laminate the games and have them ready to pull out when you need them! Activities for Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 of the curriculum. 
Spelling Activities For Any List of Words
These spelling activity task cards and Print and Go student worksheets are designed to save you time while providing students with a range of fun and interactive ways to practice their spelling words. The best thing about these activity cards is they work with ANY spelling list, so they are perfect for differentiated learning.
  • Laminate these task cards and add them to your relief teacher kit!
Creative Thinking Activities and Problem Solving Cards
These Creative Thinking Task Cards were designed to provide many opportunities for creative thinking in any classroom! By working to solve the problem in each scenario, students are challenged to use ‘out of the box’ and imaginative ideas to communicate their solution to others. Use as a Creative Thinking whole-class exercise, for writing prompts, explanation writing, impromptu speeches, class debates – the possibilities are endless! This is a must-have item for a relief teacher!
  • Laminate these task cards and add them to your relief teacher kit!
Early Finishers Activities Task Cards
These 60 Early Finishers Task Cards are a great way to answer the common classroom question, “I’m Done. Now What?” Creative thinking, sequencing, writing, and cause and effect skills are taught through these engaging activities. This would be useful as an enrichment activity, or as a bonus reward for a great effort by students.
  • Laminate these task cards and add them to your relief teacher kit!
Bright and Colorful Certificates
After a great day in the classroom, why not praise and encourage a couple of superstar students. The following certificates are included Amazing Work, Awesome, Well Done, Good Work, You’ve Got This, Outstanding, Welcome, Happy Birthday, You Did It!, and Congratulations.
  • Ink-friendly certificates are also included.