Reciprocal Reading Cards

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Check out our reciprocal reading cards.

Have you heard about reciprocal reading (also known as reciprocal teaching)?  I love the way this strategy enables independent readers to work together in a self-managing team to discuss a difficult text. They teach each other and take turns leading.

The four comprehension strategies students learn and practice are:

  1. predicting what might follow and why.
  2. clarifying tricky words or ideas,
  3. formulating questions to stimulate thoughtful discussion,
  4. summarising main ideas.

We’ve put together a set of reciprocal reading cards that students can use as prompts when taking part in reciprocal reading.

Reciprocal reading is an independent group activity where students take turns to practice the reading comprehension strategies of predicting, clarifying, asking questions, and summarising. There is no hard and fast rule for how reciprocal reading MUST be done, and it isn’t my philosophy to tell you as a professional how you MUST do something.