Prefixes Task Cards | Morphology Task Cards

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This colourful set of 42 Prefixes Tasks Cards helps students to build word sense and improve literacy skills and reading comprehension. Print and laminate these prefix task cards for regular use!
This set of 42 Prefixes Tasks Cards features:
  • The first 16 task cards require students to choose the correct word to fill in the gap in the sentence. This will require a demonstration of their understanding of prefixes.
  • The next 12 task cards involve changing the meaning of the underlined word by adding a prefix.
  • The next 8 task cards involve Identifying the prefix in the underlined word in a sentence.
  • The final 8 task cards involve defining the underlined word to show an understanding of prefixes.
  • Student recording sheet
  • Answers
The 16 prefixes covered in this resource are:
  • in-, im-
  • un-
  • re-
  • dis-
  • mis-
  • pre-
  • sub-
  • semi-
  • mult-
  • post-
  • trans-
  • inter-
  • over-
  • super-
  • anti-, ant-
  • de-
Why Teach Morphology (Prefixes, Suffixes and Greek and Latin Root Words)
When students gain morphological awareness, they:
  • build word sense.
  • build literacy skills.
  • build knowledge in content.
  • build an understanding of multiple meanings, through the study of word families.
A meta-analysis conducted by Bowers et al (2010) of 22 morphology studies found that morphology instruction benefits learners, especially less proficient readers.

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