Phonics and Structured Literacy Activities: Focus Sound O

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The activities have been created to specifically support the teaching and learning of the target sound and letter /o/ (short o sound)

With initial modelling and scaffolding, these activities are intended to be completed independently to build students’ skills in following instructions, fine motor skills and stamina to complete tasks.

This Phonics and Structured Literacy Activities: Focus Sound O resource includes:

Three practice activities:

  • Add the Letter and Draw: Students add the letter o to the CVC words. Students draw a picture of the new word they have created.
  • Colour and Draw: Students look at each picture and decide whether it starts with the target sound. Students circle and colour each picture, then draw two pictures starting with the target sound themselves. Examples of this could be names of people who start with this letter or items from the classroom.
  • Handwriting Practice: Students trace over the letters and words using the target sound.

One hands-on activity:

  • Playdoh Letter Mat

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