Phonics and Spelling Rules Activities Year 3-4 – Structured Literacy Activities

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It is one thing to know the spelling rules that you need to teach your students.  Are you searching for engaging activities to reinforce each spelling rule? Your search ends here! Explore our comprehensive collection of activity sheets meticulously designed to enhance the instruction of 34 spelling rules at the Year 3-4 level (Grade 2-3).

The resource has been organised and partitioned according to spelling rules and phonics concepts so that these activities can be matched up with your school’s current spelling scope and sequence. Alternatively, following our sequence as provided will give your students a robust spelling program.

For each of the 34 spelling rules, there is a resource sheet that has been divided into five sections:

1. Spelling Rule and Description

This grey box at the top of each page has the spelling rule/focus, plus a short description that can be used with students to increase their spelling knowledge.

2. Word List

We provide a list of up to 10 words that follow this spelling rule/focus. The words can be taught as a whole class or small group and are designed to be cut out and placed into a spelling notebook if required for further support and practice.

3. Segment and Spell the Words

In this section, three words that follow the spelling rule/focus are provided and segmented. Students then segment these words themselves into phonemes,

write the letters, and then spell each word. With teacher modelling and support, this activity will help students to make connections between the example words and the spelling focus, helping deeper learning and retention to occur.

4. Spelling Activity

In this section, students put the spelling rule/focus into context by completing a short activity. These activities cover a range of skills from matching, drawing, colouring, writing, segmenting, creating, finding and more, each vary based on the spelling focus.

5. Copy the Sentence and Illustrate

This section provides a simple sentence that includes 2-3 words from the spelling focus word list. These sentences are designed to be read aloud, copied onto the lines below and a picture drawn that illustrates the meaning of the sentence.

Please note: As a teacher, you may decide to give students the whole sheet at once and assist students in completing the activities, or each activity could be given to students over a week, as the spelling rule is revisited and reiterated. The resource is flexible to best meet the needs of your class and timetable.


  • A set of double-sided flashcards for most spelling patterns. To use these, simply print, fold in half and laminate. These flashcards can be used in whole class or small group settings to support your teaching of the spelling focus.
  • Eight fun and colourful spelling activities. These activities can be used, if required, to support independent learning during your spelling or literacy sessions.

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