Pacific Islands Scavenger Hunt Puzzles BUNDLE

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Samoa Scavenger Hunt Puzzle Activity

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Tonga Scavenger Hunt Puzzle Activity

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Cook Islands Scavenger Hunt Puzzle Activity

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Fiji Scavenger Hunt Puzzle Activity

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Engage your students in the study of the Pacific Nations of Samoa, Tonga, the Cook Islands, and Fiji with our interactive Pacific Islands scavenger hunt and puzzle BUNDLE. Your students will learn about the geography, history, language, and culture of these Pacific countries.

This would be great for use as a social studies resource and in your guided reading program!

With each country, display the 10 fact cards around the room, and hand out the puzzle pieces. Students use the facts to complete their interactive puzzles. Display the amazing completed puzzles and wow your school! This activity works for individuals, pairs, or teams.

This Pacific Islands scavenger hunt bundle contains the following resources:

  • Samoa Scavenger Hunt Puzzle
  • Cook Islands Scavenger Hunt Puzzle
  • Tonga Scavenger Hunt Puzzle
  • Fiji Scavenger Hunt Puzzle

Each Pacific Islands scavenger hunt features:

1. Ten Fact Cards

2. Nine puzzle pieces with comprehension activities

  • Summarising
  • Visualising
  • Cloze Reading
  • Finding Specific Details
    • Large and small puzzle pieces are included.

3. Teacher Answer Key for applicable questions

4. Two ‘Tips For Use’ pages with ways to use this resource in your classroom.


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