New Zealand Sight Words Fluency Mats Magenta to Orange Levels

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This Sight Words Fluency Mats pack includes six Sight Word Games Mats featuring the NZ Magenta, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Orange Level High-Frequency Sight Words. Help your students build their sight word fluency with repeated readings.

Your students can practice reading the words for homework, during guided reading lessons, as a literacy circle activity or as an early finisher activity. Perfect for individual, group or whole class use (pop them up on the projector). Students can even time themselves to see how fast they can read all of the words.

Sight word recognition improves reading fluency, allowing the student to focus their efforts on the more mentally demanding task of reading comprehension.

In this Sight Words Fluency Mats BUNDLE you will receive:

1. Six Fluency Mats (two per page) featuring 154 words in total:

  • 20 Magenta Level Sight Words
  • 26 Red Level Sight Words
  • 28 Yellow Level Sight Words
  • 28 Blue Level Sight Words
  • 28 Green Level Sight Words
  • 24 Orange Level Sight Words

2. An information sheet with links to the New Zealand Curriculum.

Please note: These words have the British/Australia/New Zealand spellings of words, and therefore would be suitable in countries that spell in this way e.g. colour.

The words included in this bundle are: a, at, look, to, in, am, I, is, and, we, here, said, up, it, like, go, can, went, the, my, going, awake, little, looked, away, big, where, safe, hungry, thank you, asleep, goes, down, wake, for, sleep, shouted, come, looking, are, you, not, comes, can, see, this, way, stay, with, back, all, good, coming, they, will, he, help, saw, came, liked, play, again, day, some, she, ran, put, got, have, on, out, made, his, after, I’m, let, can’t, bad, by, outside, find, then, make, get, slow, have, let’s, did, gone, who, new, one, because, but, fast, open, do, opened, me, now, please, very, already, asked, began, behind, didn’t, doing, heavy, laugh, laughed, long, most, middle, other, quickly, right, show, someone, these, try, until, wait, watch, won’t, would, across, along, always, around, better, called, catch, could, cried, don’t, every, from, long, must, next, other, round, school, slowly, something, still, their, there, under, want, wanted, were, what.


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