New Zealand Native Birds Reading Comprehension Activities Year 5-8

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Explore some of the amazing New Zealand native birds. In this set of New Zealand native birds task cards, pitched at Year 5-8 learners, students will learn about seven native birds.
Each New Zealand Native Bird task card features
  • A passage geared at Year 5-8
  • A set of follow-up questions including a range of comprehension questions.
    • Finding Specific Information
    • Make Inferences
    • Organise information
    • Make Connections
    • Use Vocabulary
    • Summarise
      • We recommend double-siding each passage and question set.
  • A full set of answers
The New Zealand native birds included in this resource are:
  • Kākāpo
  • Kiwi
  • Tūī
  • Kōkako
  • Ruru (Morepork)
  • Weka
  • Pūkeko

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