Equivalent Fraction Matching Cards

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These cards can be used in a variety of fun ways to help your learners practice matching equivalent fractions. Each set of cards contains a fraction along with a matching equivalent fraction. There are 2 sets of cards, the first set of cards contains one fraction and an equivalent fraction, while the second lot of cards has four equivalent fractions in each set. There are two background colour options to choose from, the cards are the same in both.

Some ideas for using them:

  • Fraction matching game.
  • Fraction Snap. (Snap the cards if they are part of the same set).
  • Fraction Go fish.
  • Fraction sorting race: 
  1. Divide the class into small groups.
  2. Give each group a shuffled set of fraction cards.
  3. On “Go,” each group races to sort their cards into correct matching equivalent fractions.
  4. The first group to correctly sort all their cards wins

Full instructions for other games are also included with this download. 

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