Creative Thinking Activities and Problem Solving Cards

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Use these Creative Thinking Activities as a whole class exercise, for Daily Writing Prompts, Explanation Writing, Impromptu Speeches, Class Debates – the possibilities are endless! This is a must-have item for a reliever or substitute teacher!

This resource features both US and British spelling and paper sizes.

How could a watch, an umbrella and a wheelbarrow help rescue a cat stuck in a tree?

How could a basketball, a broom, and a garden gnome help set a trap to catch a burglar? Use these Creative Thinking Activities to find out the answer (or should we say MANY possible creative answers!)

In this Creative Thinking Activities pack you will receive:

  • 100 household item cards.
  • 30 scenario cards with creative problem-solving scenarios.
  • Two Tips For Use pages with explanations of how you can use this resource in your classroom!

Creative thinking is important!

Creative thinking involves the use of imagination, communication skills, problem-solving, mathematics, scientific thinking, and interpreting information. Open-ended scenarios are a great way to get children’s creative juices flowing. Choices, comparisons, entertaining new ideas, and formulating personal responses to these problems are all important ingredients in creative thinking.


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