Crazy Crystals – Science Experiment

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This crystal science experiment will fascinate your student's and help to give them an interest in science. Science experiments are a great way to engage your students and give them an interest in science.

Included with this download are full instructions on how to complete the activity, a scientific explanation and some worksheets for your students to complete.

This activity gives you step by step instructions on how to create crystal decorations with your class. Students design a shape using bendable pipe-cleaners which the crystals will then grow around, this could be their initials or maybe a hanging decoration. You will need access to hot water to dissolve the borax. I love doing this activity towards the end of the day. This allows the crystals to grow and be left ‘untouched’ until the next morning when they will be

If you can’t access pipe-cleaners then paper clips can also be used.

Questions or investigations your students can carry out could include things such as:

  • what else can causecrystals? (hint – baking soda can but these crystals are not as impressive as borax crystals)
  • what are else can be used instead of pipe cleaner? (e.g. will crystals form on a paperclip,
    feather, pencil?)
  • Students could also investigate the difference between minerals, rocks, and crystals, and look at crystals in nature.

Year Level: Year 3 – 8

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