Christmas Literacy Activities Bundle

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Christmas Stories | Literature Reading Comprehension Passages with Questions

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Christmas Reindeer Reading Comprehension Passage with Text Dependent Questions

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The History of Christmas Cards Reading Comprehension Passages with Questions

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Christmas Spelling Activity Task Cards and Print and Go Student Worksheets

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Christmas Speech Topic Cards for Public Speaking

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Christmas Creative Thinking Cards

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Christmas Writing Prompts Task Cards and Digital Options | December

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Christmas Activity Pack

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Let us save you time this Christmas Season with our Christmas Literacy Activities Bundle: a bundle of fantastic Christmas-themed ELA Resources! Reading, Writing, Spelling, Creative Thinking, and Public Speaking skills are all covered for a discounted price! Just Print and Go!

In this Christmas Literacy Activities Bundle you will receive:

1. Christmas Close Reading Activities with Higher Order Thinking Questions:

Four texts – all with an extended and scaffold version:

  • Radical Reindeer (Informational Text)
  • The History of Christmas Cards (Informational Text)
  • Mama’s Happy Christmas (Literature Text)
  • The Elves and the Shoemaker (Literature Text)

SIX corresponding NO PREP Higher Order Thinking Activities based on Blooms Taxonomy and aligned with the Common Core State Standards

  • Remember
  • Understand
  • Apply
  • Analyse
  • Evaluate
  • Create

Four Graphic Organiser Examples

  • Information Web
  • Timeline
  • Character Web
  • Story Web

2. Christmas Writing Prompts:

  • 60 writing prompts including 40 Christmas writing prompts.
    • Argument, explanation, narrative and photo prompts are included.
    • Google slides, PowerPoint and Task cards are provided.

3. Christmas Spelling Activities:

This Christmas Spelling Activity Pack includes:

a) TEN Spelling Activity Task Cards

  • Silly Santa Story
  • Decoration Time
  • Alphabetical Order
  • Wrap It Up!
  • Ready to Roll
  • Type and Spell
  • Sparkle Spelling
  • A Letter to Santa
  • Trees Galore
  • Christmas Writing

b) Print and Go Spelling Activity Worksheets

c) A Tips For Use instruction sheet

4. 32 Christmas Speech Topic Cards:

  • 12 Persuasive Speech Cards
  • 8 Informative Speech Cards
  • 12 Entertaining Speech Cards
  • Oral Presentation Assessment Rubric
  • Oral Presentation Self-Assessment Rubric
  • Links to Curriculum page with links to the CCSS for Grade 4-8
  • Tips for Use page

5. Christmas Creative Thinking Cards:

  • 30 household item cards.
  • 15 Christmas-themed item cards.
  • 10 Christmas-themed scenario cards with creative problem-solving scenarios.
  • Two Tips For Use pages with explanations of how you can use this resource in your classroom!

6. Christmas Print and Go Activity Pack with Print and Go Worksheets:

  • Letter to Santa
  • Christmas Fact or Fiction (with answer sheet)
  • Christmas Word Find
  • Christmas Mix and Match
  • Christmas Then and Now Venn Diagram
  • Your Perfect Christmas Meal
  • Christmas Maze (with answer sheet)
  • Christmas Colouring
  • Design a Christmas Present

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