Christmas CSI Maths Activity – Who Stole Santa’s Sleigh? Year 7-9

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Christmas CSI Maths – Who Stole Santa’s Sleigh? Print Version and Digital Google Classroom Version. This is a great end-of-year Christmas math activity.

Students must use their maths skills to eliminate suspects so they can find out who took Santa’s sleigh.

Four clues are given to the students and each clue (worksheet) allows them to eliminate 1-3 suspects.

Clue 1. Hidden multiplication message. (double digit x single digit).

Clue 2. Magic to fly the sleigh (Fractions/Pre-Algebra).

Clue 3. Fractions – fuel in the suspect’s snowmobile

Clue 4. Bribing the guard – (multiplying decimals). 

This resource also includes

  • Two extension activities for early finishers – a number puzzle and a writing activity – what would you do if you had Santa’s sleigh for a day?
  • Answer sheets

Note: This edition reads the same as my standard CSI Christmas Maths Activity, however, the clues are slightly harder. The clues from this edition can be interchanged with the standard edition to suit your students.

Maths Level: Year 7-9

Maths Topics: Multiplication (double digit x single digit), Fractions/PreAlgebra, multiplying decimals.

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