Chinese New Year Reading Comprehension Activity

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Celebrate Chinese New Year and improve reading comprehension with our interactive scavenger hunt puzzle. The completed puzzle posters will brighten your classroom walls or bulletin boards. Learn about the history of Chinese New Year, the traditions involved in the celebration, the preparations for the celebrations, fireworks, decorations…and MORE!

This Chinese New Year activity is great for individuals, pairs or as a small group activity. Engage your students’ artistic flair with the wide range of activities provided in this resource.

Chinese New Year for 2023 (The Year of the Rabbit) is January 22.

Chinese New Year Activity Purpose

The purpose of this resource is to provide an interactive and engaging way to learn about Chinese New Year and the traditions and history surrounding this event. This activity involves reading comprehension strategies such as cloze reading (using context clues), visualising, organising information, and finding specific details.

As students read the fact cards, they have to hunt for information. This information-seeking process will involve reading and re-reading of the clue cards. The activity, therefore, mirrors the close reading skills you will be teaching your students throughout the year.

The students then synthesise their knowledge and understanding using the Chinese New Year puzzle poster activity.

In this Chinese New Year Activity pack you will receive:

1. Eight Chinese New Year Fact Cards

  • What is Chinese New Year?
  • The History of Chinese New Year
  • When is Chinese New Year?
  • Preparing for Chinese New Year (1)
  • Preparing for Chinese New Year (2)
  • Chinese New Year Celebrations
  • Chinese New Year Decorations
  • Fireworks and Red Envelopes

2. Nine puzzle pieces with a range of artistic and writing activities

These puzzles come in two sizes. Choose the size that fits your purpose!


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