Charlie Tangaroa and the Creature from the Sea Novel Study

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This resource is a comprehension, discussion and activity guide to accompany the novel Charlie Tangaroa and the Creature from the Sea by T K Roxborogh. Charlie Tangaroa and the Creature from the Sea is a children’s novel by T.K Roxborough that was published in 2020. The book combines elements of Māori mythology with a modern setting and explores themes of family, friendship, bravery, and environmental awareness. This novel would suit upper primary or intermediate-aged students. 
This novel study is split into sections for the purposes of this resource. Each section varies in size due to the number of pages and the nature of the content. Some sections call for more reflection and discussion than others.
For each section of the novel study, there are:
  • Reading comprehension questions,
  • Discussion questions for oral language development in the classroom, designed to be used with pairs or small groups of students
  • Weblinks and QR codes for students to find out more about the content discussed
  • Six to eight creative activity choices (including digital and non-digital options) 
  • A Keep the Quote section.
  • The Keep the Quote’s are a collection of quotes from the novel that can be cut out and ‘kept’ in an exercise book or notebook. These quotes can then be used to explore the deeper meanings and inferences further. You could also use them to make text-to-text or text-to-self connections. Another option is to illustrate them creatively.
Please note: To use this resource, you will need at least one copy of the novel, Charlie Tangaroa and the Creature from the Sea. You won’t regret it, it is a great book!

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