Chapters: Super Spies Activities and Discussion Questions | Year 3 New Zealand

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This resource is a comprehension, discussion, and activity guide to accompany the New Zealand CHAPTERS series. This series supports Year 3 students to transition to reading longer texts. The resource supports the teaching and reading of Super Spies, by Renata Hopkins.

Super Spies Sophie and Manu are looking for clues. Who (or what) is making the weird noises in the forest? And who do those strange footprints belong to? Find out if the cousins can solve the mystery.
Our Chapters: Super Spies resource contains three sections:
1. Simple reading comprehension questions that can be either orally discussed or assigned at the end of each chapter.
  • These include questions to encourage students to hunt for information in the chapter, discuss new vocabulary, make predictions and summarise key events.
2. Additional discussion questions to be used a the end of the text, perfect for supporting small group oral language skills, book clubs or book talks.
3. One page of activities to be completed after reading the book.
  • This gives students six different creative options to express themselves and reflect on the story.
  • QR codes are also included that give links to audio recordings of the text and further information about the subject of the text.
Please note: To use this resource, you will need at least one copy of the Chapters novel, Super Spies. You can access this text here.

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